Download Blend Works User Manual

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What kind of recipes can I make with BlendWorks?

Smoothies, creamy soups, frozen desserts, sauces, dips, dressings, frozen drinks, nut-based milk, and nut butters, and more.

The mixture is too thick.

During operation, if the mixture is too thick to be blended, turn the dial to STOP, remove the cap and insert the tamper into the hole in the lid. Turn the dial gradually back up to HI and stir the contents in a circular motion in the blending jar with the tamper.

How can I get the smoothest consistency in my mixture?

Use the HI speed setting as often as possible to achieve the most uniform consistency.

How do I avoid overheating?

Blending on HI speed setting maximizes the motor's cooling fan to avoid overheating.

Machine stops working after long periods of use.

The blender has overheated. Please flip the switch to OFF and unplug the power cable from the power outlet. Remove the blending jar from the base and free the blades from any obtrusion. NOTE: Do not use your hands or fingers to remove any obstruction. Press the black reset button on the underside of the base.

While blending on a high speed, the food has spilt out of the container.

The lid was not secure. Carefully remove the lid plug while making sure the lid stays firmly in place. Release the air bubble by inserting the tamper through the lid plug opening. Lower the speed if circulation problem persists, then increase the speed once the food is blending normally.